Asin Atoabasa  M/A basic school in the central region has been temporarily closed down.

According to the headmaster of the school Mr Nelson Asare Adjei, people have been defecating inside the class rooms and on their tables.

This is not the first time they are experiencing this problem, he added

He said this abominable act made the director of education warned the community to desist from or else he will close down the school.

In November 2017 last year, after the interventions from the elders in the community, the abominable act was seized.

Mr. Asare Adjei also stated Last term two classrooms primary 4 and 6 respectfully experienced the forbidden act again.

In a short time after the interventions of the elders, the community have started defecating in the class rooms again, this left the school and the headmaster Mr. Asare Adjei no option than to close the school till further notice.
Abena Esaaba Adepa


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