Hon. Elizabeth Agyemen, the able deputy Ashanti regional in an interview has express her dissatisfaction on the recent conduct and activities of internal revenue service in the Ashanti region by punishing traders in the central business district with astronomical taxes.

According to the affable deputy regional minister, the actions of these tax officers are purely motivated by politics and therefore blaming some bigwigs in the political arena.

Moreover the deputy minister said, how on earth can the government increase taxes up to 100% and more only in the Ashanti region within a year, what at all are these women selling in the markets which will call for such increment if is not politically massaged .

Furthermore she said, the most irritating part of these tax officers is that after giving the traders abnormal taxes, they lock up their stores and tell them that this is as a results of your bad government you voted for.

She has therefore issued a strong warning to all public officers especially in the Ashanti region to be extra careful in their dispensations because she and her regional minister Hon. Simon Osei Mensah will never condone any officer who flat-out government orders.

She noted that these traders (women) we see in our various markets are very important and should be treated as such because they are major contributors as far as the country’s economic is concern.

Finally, she is apologizing to all the affect traders in the central business district and assuring them that their will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Odehyeaba Kwame Asare


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