An unknown group made up of more than 7 men who claimed were sent by the Ashanti Regional police Commander, COP Ken Yeboah, in an attempt to lock some shops for failure to pay an unauthorized dues of 50 cedis to Ghana Post in the kofrom magazine turned out in an open war.
Over 200 acres of land in kofrom which belongs to Ghana Post is currently occupied by some mechanics in and around kofrom community.

The land legally belongs to Ghana Post but because it is not in use, it was given out to these mechanics by the Ghana Post authority to occupy it for now till further notice.

Early this year some occupants of the place who are also mechanics announced to shop owners of the place that they (the men) have been authorized by Ghana Ghana Post to take monthly rent fee of 50 cedis per shop, but when the shop owners asked these men of the authenticity of authorization and even receipt that proves that the monies will be going to Ghana Post or to the Government coffers failed.

This afternoon these same men want to some shop owners with padlocks intended to locked their shops and requested 200 cedis as penalty for failure to pay the fees and claimed there were sent by the Ashanti Regional police commander.

In the attempt of looking up shops turned to open war which left many injured.

Meanwhile over 550 shops have been paying 50 cedis every month for the past six months and they claimed they pay all to the Ghana Post.
Kwame Asare


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