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It is sad to say the least that, in the 21st century and most particularly the advent of the ‘Africa Unite’ agenda propagated by many, the canker of Xenophobia is not yet a thing of past.

South Africans have once again began brutally attacking other African nationals and foreigners, vandalising their possessions, burning their cars and everything else in sight.

News reaching is that, the ferocious attacks being dished out to the foreigners in the country was stirred up after news broke out that a Nigerian had killed a South African native.

According to sources, South Africans have allegedly violently stormed the Nigerian embassy in their country, in the event of which some Nigerians have resorted to hiding in bushes in an attempt to save their dear lives.  

The Nigerian government has however come out to say ‘Enough Is Enough’, and it is hell bent on taking final steps to ensure the safety and protection of its citizens in South Africa.

Leaders of the two countries, Muhammadu Buhari and Cyril Ramaphosa are scheduled to meet in October for bilateral talks and also on matters relating to the security of Nigerians in South Africa.


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