Mr. Frank Paa Kumi an Entrepreneur, Pastor, Motivational Speaker, and Director of Pali-Ghana.
Frank Paa Kumi is a thought-leader on good governance, a leadership and personnel development coach, an entrepreneur, a pastor, motivational speaker, a social innovator.
Under his inspiring leadership, the Passionate Africa Leadership Institute (PALI) a professional leadership organisation was founded in June 2005 and has made remarkable strides ever since its formation.
His indefatigable efforts and professional leadership experience has seen PALI rise from the level of a small community based youth-led NGO into a fully-fledged personnel development institute.
PALI has the following operational models, PALI-Centre for Leadership and People Development with focus on human capital development, PALI-Centre for Natural Capital Governance and Social Accountability with focus on policy development and advocacy, and PALI-Youth Impact Projects aimed at achieving a comprehensive youth empowerment in the African region.
Frank is fast becoming one of Africa’s shining examples in challenging the deficit thinking within the region, through the relentless effort he invests in developing the capacities of other young teen leaders. He is the Convener of the Reshape Africa Initiative, an offspring of the flagship
PALI-Youth Impact Projects, with the primary aim of achieving behavioural change in the African Youth through a process of consistent re-orientation in the way they act and do things.
Frank is a fellow of the 2017 cohort of the British Council’s Prestigious African Leadership Fellowship–a pan-African event that brings together emerging leaders from twenty-one states in three different regions across the world. Frank has a background in Organizational Development.
He has also received professional training in Human Resources Management from the Central University, Accra and the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration. (GIMPA).
PALI and its antecedent vision care network are both initiatives of Frank Paa Kumi, established in June 2005.
Frank has a strong passion to create platforms for African youth empowerment. His passion is driven by the desire to develop potentials of African youths in leadership, inculcate in them strong values, and sharpen their core competence skills for better positioning in the corporate world and become globally competitive.
PALI, today, is driving the social innovation wheel while playing a pivotal role in equipping the region’s most valuable assets (Human Capital), having found a niche to advance the course of participatory governance, youth empowerment, and community leadership.
Frank believes that future leadership should be best inspired by true service, a personal resolve to improve the generational leadership script, hence make a real difference.

Kwame Asare


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