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Probably one of the most controversial social media celebrities of 2018/2019 is this woman right here. From lambasting celebrities on social media about their bad sense of dressing, to twerking on Instagram and posting nude photos, Akuapem Poloo has done it all in grand style.

Rosemond Brown, the no nonsense woman, has openly stated that all she did was to attain a certain level of relevance, so she could fend for herself, her son and family.

“I was doing all that because I wanted fame and something to put food on my table, but I have that now and so there is no need to continue along that path. I am a mother, my son is growing and so I can’t be doing that.

“Also, my sweetheart doesn’t want me to do it; so no more twerking, no more half-naked pictures on the Internet and no more talking about celebrities.

“It’s not good; that isn’t me. I was a cool, calm person who became loud on social media. Now that I have got what I wanted, I have put a stop to it. I have four awards to my credit, including one from Nigeria. What else do I want?” she quizzed.

“I am an only child; I was helping my mum and some of my cousins who all depended on me, not forgetting my dear son,” she said.


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