Hon. Isaac Agyapong was once a teacher who taught in primary and junior high school before moving to second cycle institution.
During his stay in this field as a teacher, he could have encountered problems with his fellow teachers, headteachers and various directors who ran the district then.
The headteachers he served then could report him to the then directors who may called him severally for explanations.
It could also be that series of query letters may be sent to him concerning preparation of lesson notes and the likes expected of a teacher.
He was tagged with problems that may or not be true .
His salary could be embargoed with those charges whether those charges were true or false.
However, through the challenges he h’d had during his service as a teacher, God has selected him as a chosen vessel not to only affect lives around him and in the classroom, but also , people at a large range.
Those who in one way or the other criticized him and raised unpleasant voices against him are now going to be under his watch.
Some would even come and appear like sheep, but rather wolves to hail and put their myriad problems before him.
The current director of education in the Abetifi District may have fired Mr. Agyapong Isaac before when he was a teacher, but now the chance of the director staying in the district for yet a longer period can definitely be engineered by the recommendations giving by Hon. Agyapong to the central government and at the same time move him (the director) to another district.
I don’t mean the director has done something against Hon. Isaac when he was a teacher, but just an imagination.
We should NOT sometimes use our positions to mistreat others since God is the final whistle blower.
He can make those who serve under us to also become higher than us and this can and might affect our lives.
The survival of Jacob’s family (the story of Joseph in the Bible) was highly based on whatever Joseph said though he (Joseph) was denounced by his brothers whenever he explained his dream to them.
Again, some political pundits in the New Patriotic Party in Abefiti constituency may have envied him when he was the then communications director.
Even when his name was sent to the president for the appointment, some may have prayed for his downfall.
Now that he has become the District Chief Executive and having the powers vested in him to distribute the national cake, calls from unexpected persons would probably twist in for help like the assistance needed from Joseph to his brothers.
The chiefs and elders together with the opinion leaders would now fall on him whether they have blasphemed his name or not during the campaign tour to accelerate development in their respective communities.
Personally, I have something to humbly suggest to the Hon. D. C. E that he should endeavor to be peaceable with all manner of persons, with even different political emblems and God shall surely soar you higher than this. Remember also that there are some close associates who
contributed immensely towards your lift to the current position. Hon. D. C. E never, just a humble suggestion, never neglect them in any way.
God Shall Use You To Raise, Build and Bless Ghana, Abetifi Constituency And Its Entire Environs.

Kwame Asare



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