A report from Kenyatta National hospital ,a
woman spotted walking away with a three week old infant was stolen and has been arrested by the police .

The police officers who saved the female suspect from an angry mob found a baby in Kawangware Congo 56 area in Nairobi.
The unknown name was ask to look after the baby whiles his father attended to his wife poor health.

Tuko.co.ke let us understands that the anonymous woman who has stolen the baby was grabbed at Kawangware Congo 56,Nairobi on Tuesday,February
Another lady disturbed him that the suspect had walked out from the hospital with the child ,so the police arrest the kidnapper of three week old baby from his dad on the February 18th Sunday at KNH.
According to the reliable reports ,after the suspect had arrived home with the baby,a neighbor contacted job Nyatiti the baby’s father

So the neighbor therefore explained that Edna the mother of the child had undergone miscarriage and therefore she could not be the mother of the child…..other witness said the residents were much bothered about the continued crying of the child over night ….so the residents tried to punished Edna for the crime in an angry fit


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