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The immediate family of the late Madam Adwoa Affumwaa who sadden death occurred at Adansi Wioso near Akrokerri in the Adansi north district in the Ashanti Region is seeking for justice for the murder of their beloved.

Below is the release from the family


The immediate family of the late Madam Adwoa Affumwaa who sadden death occurred at Adansi Wioso near Akrokerri in the Adansi north district, wish to write to all media houses in the country to clarify the publication that our mother was killed by a bulldozer on her farm land to paved way for the construction of the community school project.

The immediate family (children and grandchildren) are deeply sad about the way and manner the chiefs, the committee members, the member of parliament of the area and the police are handling the case as a normal road accident.

This is making us feel that our mother was not killed by a bulldozer as it has been published in the media but she was murdered by unknown person.
The reason for our suspicious is that a lot has been said to justify our mother’s death which made us feel that is an attempt to rubbish the whole situation. The family of the late Madan Adwoa Affumwaa then ask these questions:

  1. The story said that the late woman gave the land out for the construction to be carried out and she went to the land to retrieve her farm produce from the land to pave way. The late woman was not informed that machine is moving to the site, and the question we are asking is that why the chiefs, committee members and the M.P did not informed our mother before moving to the site.
  2. It is also said that there were people at the site working with the machine operator at the time of the incident, the question here is that who were those people and what was their business at the place and has these person make any official statement to the police about the occurrence of the event.
  3. Again the police physical examination that was conducted on our mother’s death body shows that our mother had a fractured neck, arm, deep-cut on her neck and sustained injuries on her face. But the police and doctors did not tell us what object gave her that deep cut on her neck, so we asked that is this the doing of the bulldozer machine?
  4. It has come to our notice that the machine of which it is said has killed our mother belongs to Joshob Construction Ltd, which they don’t have any contract to construct any school. So here we ask who ordered the machine to be at the site. Because there is NO CONTRACT with this company either from the District, the community or the Government of Ghana to do such work for the community. The family ask, who ask for the service of the machine and the operator to come.
  5. It has also come to us that the suspect (Seth Partey) has been granted bail without any family member concern. The family then ask who call for the released of the suspect and off what interest does such person has in this whole matter? Our

founding’s shows that it was not the company (Joshob Construction Ltd) which call for that, so who did and why did the police didn’t informed the family before consulting the media?

  1. The family are calling the police to invite all the people who were at the scene at that time to investigate the matter well because there were witnesses’ there with the operator. And we the family want the re-arrest of machine operator who is our prime suspect in the matter.
  2. To conclude, the family of the late Madam Adwoa affumwaa want justice for the death of their mother. The immediate family is calling for justice from the public to help make the law work. The police should conduct proper investigation to the matter and the suspects must be brought back to books of police. Because is not normal road accident but she was murdered.
  3. We are appealing to all the law enforcement agencies to did this to our mother.

Signed by: Bernard Ashmond Gyamera 0542602765

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