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Santasi M/A basic is a school situated at Santasi a surburb of Kumasi, news reaching indicates that weed smokers has taken over Santasi M/A basic school using the as their base and a place where they have their daily routines which causes much harm to the school environment and also exposes the students to this weed since the weed smokers leave some samples behind which makes it easier for the students to see since they are those who clean the school every morning.

One of the teachers said to that a student has once brought him samples of the weed and the student said he saw it when he was sweeping.

To them, this weed smokers are getting on their nerves and if care is not taken most of the students may end up been affected or having delight in it since they said some of the students even run away from class to join these smokers which in the near future will affect the school negatively.

Therefore the Headteacher of the school Mrs.Doris Owusu is pleading for intervention from those who matter because leaving in the same compound with these smokers is like living in he’ll for them.
Georgina Osei Akowuah


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