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Residents of Tikrom have lamented over the rate at which a Hundred years dumpsite has caused mess in a form of airborne diseases in the community.

The dump heap of about two acres of land have been in existence for close to hundred years without abduction.

People resort to open defecation on the dump just to save the little amount that would be used for a fee on toilet.

This has erupted several dreadful illness such as malaria, cholera and many other airborne diseases.
“We do take our food with house flies whenever we decide to eat outside our rooms and this has generated us several diseases” some residents closer the waste heap told

The assembly member of the area, Stella Oduro Boateng has also said the abduction of the dumpsite has proven very difficult in spite of her main motive as an assembly member of the area.
“I have tried all efforts to move out the dump but it has not been successful, the chief and his elders are not given assistance likewise the indigenes”.

Mrs Boateng has written numerous proposals in conjunction with pictures of the waste heap to the Ejisu Municipal Assembly(EMA) for 3 years, yet the situation remains the same.

The communes now seek the aid of government and other all stakeholders for the removal of the dump.

They (residents) have as well demanded a trash containers from the EMA in order to limit the expansion of the dumpsite.

Source: Marfo


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