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News reaching has it that, Adventist Youth in these whole world had a day in their various conference, and it an occasions they used to celebrate every year and it usually celebrated on every 16th March of every year.

Addressing to the media,the Adventist youth in the Ashanti south Ghana Conference which the Ahenema Kokobeng District is among these conference celebrate their Global youth day on 16th March 2019 at Ahenema kokobeng central church.

The head of the Youth in this Local district was interview by the media to known how and the reason the conference has given this day to the Youth,Mr Paul Bampo who is known as sir Bampo, says despite the church and the youth ,the conference president of the Youth ,Ps Uriah and his executive members plan to give such day to the youth for them to know how seriously God work are to be made by them and can also play any roll in the church as youth.

He also said,this celebration is also meant for not the church but for the needy,some people like orphans,prisoners, patients and others. Donations to these people is the most reason we celebrate this global day in every year. MG. Owusu Achiaw Eric who is also the elder in charge of the youth was also interview and said,they have a route march from kokobeng to Brofroyedu,sharing books containing words of God and others,he also said, we also visit the Methodist clinic at Bebu a town nearAdumasa,Prayer were done for sick persons there,moving from room to room for prayers and also asking of how their health is,and the youth sing an inspirational songs to encourage others over there including the nurses.

He then ended it by saying, there was an items like mineral waters,Detol,soaps, detergents and other items were donated to the clinic.

The PRO,Mr Eric Peprah was also interviewed and he said,God bless the youth and the church as well and for their donation and visitation they have made for the clinic, he then thank them.


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