Education they say is the key to success so therefore all forms of education in Ghana must be taken into consideration and looked at with passion.

Another investigation done by has it that, residence of Aputuogya are however in grief because their school is at risk, making it difficult for teachers to teach well which has resulted in poor performance of students.

According the investigative reporter, Obaapa Nhyira Adwoa Kwaakyewah Aputuogya D/A Primary and JHS in Bosontwe District is recording inadequate classroom facilities which has left the school with no option then to combine more then 150 students in one single room.

This came as a shocking revelation to us that in this modern world, where education has become a priority of every nation, Students do not get comfortable place to sit and learn, movement of students and teachers in classrooms can not be done for effective results.

After compressing more then150 students in a class with one teacher, teaching and controlling the class is another whole issue to discuss.

At the junior high school (JHS) Due to the uncontrollable numbers, the form one students have been divided into A and B because the classroom could not contain them.

The B is currently schooling at a church closer to school “Light House Chapel”.

According the teachers controlling of odor, it’s quite good in the morning but worsen aftet break time.

Exercises and tests are difficult to be conducted also non-serious students are not spotted easily.

Finally, the community and the school are calling for help from Government and other independent bodies for immediate action.

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