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The 27 year man works at the Atwimah Kwanwoma Rural Bank Santasi Branch and stay at Santasi new site (Kwadee).

According to the people at that area, they said, the robbers were not coming to him but they were going to a door which is next to his door. And the armed robbers lost their way to his kitchen. His younger brother also payed him a visit that day so he was sleeping with him.

Suddenly he heard a noise going on in the kitchen, but he taught it was a cat or a mouse, so he tell his younger brother that he is going to drive them away not knowing it was the armed robbers.
Immediately he entered he was shutdown with a gun.

His younger brother too was interviewed and this is what he said. According to the boy he said he broke the windows and run through when he heard the nose that the armed robbers were coming to their room.

The landlord also said that he would have killed one if he was having a gun at that moment, because, he saw them roaming about in the house. In the morning all the tenant and the landlord went to where they killed the boy and they saw him In a pool of blood. So they called the police to come and take the body to the mortuary. Now the case is in the hands of the police.

Lawrencial Osei Bonsu


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