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News reaching us indicates us that,a very sorrowful funeral is been held at a place called Kotwi near Afratia in the Ashanti Region on 18th March 2019 in the morning, as funeral’s are usually done in the morning during the presence of the corpse.

Addressing to Nharnhar Aquaya Adepa Boatemaa in, as an online reporter, a woman around there at that moment of the time was interviewed and this is how she express her self, on 11th March 2019 at Kotwi, the 19 year old boy went out from the house without the notice of his parents, on his way back home,it was raining hardly with thunder breaking through the sky at that night so he couldn’t see that there is a bore hole which is a very pinch hole was in front of him,he then slipped into the bore hole and this bore hole was containing some refuge’s, he then called for help and no one hears him because of the rain, after some minutes the rain stop and he continue to call for help,for God being so good to him, he had a help outside, people came around to help him but they could not,they all left leaving this gentle man in the bore hole for the next morning because they were all afraid and to call the police for such incidence and they also have no other choice.

After the next morning they quickly went there and they were able to take him out from the Bore Hole.

they then quickly rushed him to the hospital called Gary Marvin hospital at Kotwi,he was very weak because of the rain being on him for some hours.
At the hospital, but he couldn’t stand after the treatment he had from the doctors, he passed by.
And this is a very bad news we heard on last week Monday and the funeral rite is been performed today at Kotwi.All media are saying rest in perfect peace to our reputable deceased brother.

Nana Adepa Boatemaa


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