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On Saturday 23rd March 2019 in the evening around 9:45pm two cars crushed at santasi a place called container, one was coming from Obuasi and the other was coming from Kejetia, the one coming from Obuasi collided due to break failure with a registration number, lost it way to the other lane, and it crushed the other one coming from Kejetia and it also broke down a light poll. And all the light in Santasi new site went off.

The people around that place called the police and also the E. C. G the police reached there after 30minutes they called them.But the E. C. G reached there in 10minutes after they called them. They came and do the light for it to come.
One of the drivers was interviewed and this is what he said.

According to the driver he said that, the police are doing their best to remove the passengers from the car, but they have removed seven passengers so far, but five people has got injured and then the other two is dead but they are trying to remove the others left in.

Weather they are still alive or dead. The people living at that area are crying and pleading to the government that he should try his best and do something that will saves lives at that place for them. Because cars always knock down people and got accident at that place.

The people who died has been taking to the Okomfo Anokye mortuary and the others who got injured is also taken to the hospital for treatment. And now they said 2 children was in and they are also in coma, so we are praying that they will come alive, the doctors too are doing their possible best to bring them alive.

lawrencia Osei Bonsu


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