On the 28th of May 2017 around 2pm in the Atwima Nwabiagya District a town called ASUOFUA, a 19-old boy Denis Fosu was stab with a scissors by his two friends Tushie and Last killer over a money they won after a football mach.

After the case has been solved amicably by the elders of the town, Tushie didn’t like how the case was amicably solve so decided to teach Denis a lesson.

So again they had another fight but again Tushie was beaten by Denis ,which again made Tushie very angry.

On Sunday the 28th Denis left the house to go and watch a football, but unfortunately for him, Tushie and one of his friend call last killer was under the staircase which led to the building, so before Denis could clamp the stairs, he was already stab with the scissors on the neck and on both side of his ribs.Immediately after the incident Tushie took to his heels, where on one could found him and Danis was also rehashed to the nearest hospital but died before the doctors could attend to him.

On the 3rd of June Denis was buried and on the 15th of June that same month Tushie was also arrested and is now in jail.

Ellen Kyie Baffour.


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