Due to a carelessness of a house help a baby and a house got burnt.

On the 6th of December 2017 around 4pm there was a fire outbreak at sikakrom in western region, wasa west district lnformation reaching us has it that, a house help called Cecelia Amoah who works at Mr and Mrs Anderson’s house as a house help n take care of their eight months baby boy carelessly got the boy burnt to ashes.

Cecelia as she does always was preparing food at the kitchen and in the cause had a phone call so she went out to receive her call and when she finished the call, one of their neibours called her and engaged her in a conversation.

In the conversation she forgot she has left a suspan on fire so the lady who was talk with her saw a smoke coming from the house so they rush to the house and the whole place was full of smoke and all of a sudden the gas cylinder exploded and the baby boy who was asleep in the living room started crying so people came to help but due to the heat coming from the room and the heavy smoke they tried their best but they couldn’t save the baby , they called the fire servic and they didn’t reach there on time.

Things went out of hands so after they quenched the fire, unfortunately lost everything including the baby who was burnt into ashes.

So the house help was taking to police station for further investigation.

Deborah Entsieh


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