The most outstanding development a country makes is to establish a liberal and good mind set of the heads and the subjects to maintain a cordial relationship so as to make good use of it’s available resources to the improvement and the benefit of all.

Prophet Obiri Yeboah has however expressed his opinion about why Ghana is still not self-reliant with all it’s resources. He attributed this to be the fault of the people in Ghana considering the developmental infrastructures our past leaders did which are functioning today although they are old but still strong.

He said, it is about time Ghanaians develop positive mind set for their leaders and appreciate their good works . He said Ghanaians have the misconception that, if a government establish a work in the country, it is for the government so whatever goes on wrong is the government whereas we could have worked hard to keep those businesses.

Again, he said Ghanaians especially the youth are now yelling for money so they work hard for some time to get money and then travel to make a living in another country. Instead of working hard in their country to make improvements, they rather work in another country and that retards growth.

He recommended that leaders of the country must strive hard to meet their visions and targets for being in office despite their subjects resistance.

Credit: Kwabena Agyekum Banahene

Obaapa Nhyira Adwoa Kwaakyewah



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