The trending events of SAKAWA people gets worst all day. It was all shocks and terror when a news came out that one sakawa boy has turned into a cat as he was passing through his rituals to become rich overnight according to a report by the Daily Graphic.
They were three (3) in all namely; Kwadwo Kumasi of 28years of age, Yaw Mensa of 37years and Kwame Osei of 26 years of age. These 3 are natives of Asante Bekwai in the Ashanti Region.

They went all the way to Sefwi Asawinso to meet Mallam Kantanka who is a popular sorcerer in the Western Region. The sorcerer then gave a coffin to the 1st person to sleep in for 7 days and afterwards another one follows.

Kwadwo Kumasi is also a friend to Mallam Kantanka so he sacrificed to be the 1st person to sleep in the coffin.
After some days the sorcerer was no where to be found so the two made a complain to the police.

Asawinso District Police Commander Richard Boahen said, invitation has been sent to Mallam Kantanka for interrogation.

Mallam confirmed the report of the two complainants but said, the spirits gave 7 more days for the two to perform some rituals to bring back the life of Kumasi.

The police waiting to see Kumasi’s return as pledged by the sorcerer, investigation was ongoing. Following checks by the police at the shrine, a cat and an amount of money were found in the coffin in which Kumasi had slept for the rituals


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